The Basics

What is UptiiQ?

UptiiQ is a service that simplifies publishing video to your social media accounts. Rather than upload individually to each of your accounts, you upload once to UptiiQ and we take it from there. No need to memorize all those settings on your phone and in your account preferences that make your video look as good as it possibly can.

What’s the backstory?

We’re superheroes who want to make the world safe for cute cat videos.

More seriously, we’re geeks who have come up with some great video encoding technology. We’ve even gotten a bunch of patents on our video IP. As we optimized IQ264 and deployed it in the cloud we discovered that videos created in the UptiiQ cloud with IQ264 looked better on YouTube than videos uploaded directly from our iPhones’ camera rolls.

You mean you have access to my Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts?

Only to publish what you send to us to publish. We don’t learn your contacts, our app doesn’t access to your private data, and we save no information beyond the token that grants us access to post on your behalf. We will never sell or share any of the data you share with us without asking you first. Please have a look at our privacy policy and terms of service .

Which social media platforms do you support?

We publish to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. We will add more networks in the future. Please let us know which networks you would like us to add.

Every network has different rules. What if my video can’t be posted to the network I select?

Each social media platform limits what can be posted. There are limits on the length of your video and on the file size of the video you upload. UptiiQ verifies your file can be posted before the upload begins. You are alerted if it can’t be posted to your selected network(s), and you’ll be offered the option of having the video truncated at a network’s limit or canceling the upload.

Due to the relatively small size of mobile video files compared to dedicated cameras, you are highly unlikely to encounter a file size limit on your chosen network(s) without first encountering the length limit. We’ve listed the length and file size limits of  networks we support below.

  • Twitter – 2:20 (140 seconds) / 512 MB
  • Facebook – 2:00 (120 seconds) / 4 GB
  • YouTube – 15 minutes (for unverified accounts, but it’s super easy to get verified)


Then what’s the catch with the Free accounts?

There’s no catch. We think you’ll find UptiiQ indispensable. We will be offering unlimited minutes per month and many cool new features in the upcoming months.

What do you mean by Forever Minutes?

The monthly minutes you receive expire each month, but you can continue posting until your account gets replenished by purchasing additional minutes. Forever Minutes remain in your plan until you use them. We help you hold on to your Forever Minutes by always drawing from your monthly minutes before drawing from your Forever Minutes.

No Forever Minutes are consumed before your monthly allotted minutes have been completely spent. We treat the UptiiQ community the way we want to be treated.

How are my minutes used calculated?

Your minutes balance is decreased only by the length of the video uploaded to UptiiQ – no matter how many sites you publish it on. And we decrease your monthly allotted minutes prior to decreasing your banked Forever Minutes.

Publication Tips

What do I need to post to YouTube?

The easiest way to get set up on YouTube is to first create a google account.

Once you have your new account go to www.youtube.com and log in with this new account.

Select My Channel from the menu on the left and choose a name for your channel. You can now post videos to YouTube from UptiiQ!


Your account is blocked message shown when you try to log in.

You may have inadvertently clicked on the deactivate button. Contact support below or send an email directly to support@uptiiq.com

I don’t see videos from my camera roll.

Confirm you have allowed UptiiQ to access the Photos library. No videos will be shown if you haven’t done this. Allow access by going to your phone’s settings, choose UptiiQ and then give access to Photos.

My video is taking a long time to upload.

UptiiQ uploads the original video from your phone without compressing it first. This means that it will look the best it ever could on your social sites but will take longer to upload. To make the upload go as quick as possible upload your video over a WiFi connection.

I signed up but have not received a confirmation email.

Try to log in with the email you signed up with. It is possible you spelled the address wrong. If you did, you will receive a message that the email is not found. In this case sign up again with the correct email address.

Please check your internet connection message.

First make sure you are connected to WiFi or cellular service.

If you are not connected to WiFi then:

  1. In UptiiQ select settings (gear in the lower right) and verify the setting “Only WiFi Uploads” is set to off.
  2. In your phone settings make sure cellular data is turned on for UptiiQ. Go to the phone settings, find UptiiQ  and check Cellular Data is on.
Why doesn’t my text from YouTube or Facebook get populated into Twitter?

As Twitter has a 140 character limit we do not auto-populate the text for you.

Only WiFi uploads set but you are not connected to WiFi. Check your settings!

In UptiiQ select settings (gear on lower right in the app) and change Only WiFi uploads to off.

Contact Support