6 Video Ideas for Kids to Kick the Winter Blues

For those that live in the Northern part of the United States, winter seems to go on forever. If the weather is keeping you inside and your kids are getting the winter blues, try recording video during a well-known activity … Read More

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How to Create a Video for Your Facebook Page Cover

If you manage a page in Facebook you can upload a video instead of a photo as the page’s cover image. This ability can be a powerful tool allowing you to promote yourself, a business, or a cause. You only … Read More

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watermark with snapseed

How to create a watermark on your phone

It’s totally awesome that UptiiQ now allows you to add a custom watermark to videos you post to Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and Twitter. You may ask: “But how do I get my own custom watermark?” During testing, many UptiiQ users … Read More

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New Feature: Watermarking

Previously we wrote here about the importance of watermarking your videos as a way to protect your work from being co-opted on social media, even unintentionally. Let me share an anecdote. I was chatting with my former colleague. My colleague … Read More

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landscape video examples

6 Tips for Taking Landscape Videos on Your Phone

Going on vacation this summer? While you are filming your favorite vacation spot, here are some quick landscape video tips to remember to capture the best shot and memory. Tip #1 – Try to film at the golden hour The … Read More

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Protect Your Videos on Social Media – Watermarking

Sharing video on social media to boost your business? Did you ever think that someone else may be taking credit for your work? If you aren’t watermarking your videos now may be a good time to start. A digital watermark … Read More

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The Ease of Live Streaming From Your Mobile Device

Live video streaming is hot and everyone is talking about it. Live video streaming is different from on-demand video streaming in that the broadcast is occurring in the moment. If viewers are not tuned in then they miss the live … Read More

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8 Steps to Create Your First Video Tutorial

Follow These 8 Steps to Create Your First Video Tutorial All of us have knowledge that we can share with others through a video tutorial but creating a video for the first time can seem intimidating. No fear it is … Read More

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Welcome to UptiiQ

Today UptiiQ is available to the world on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. It’s a very exciting time for all us on the UptiiQ team. We’re new to the world of mobile apps and the direct to consumer … Read More

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Bitrate for the Content Creator

In a prior post about sharing video on a mobile device, we introduced the concept of bitrate.  In this article, we are going to look deeper into the relationship between bitrate and video encoding quality. To start off, some basics: … Read More

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How Long Should My Mobile Video Be?

In 2015, a press release by Animoto stated: “nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds”. As we are starting a video advertising campaign I wondered if this was still true two years later. Scouring the internet, to my … Read More

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Mobile Device Video Sharing Explained

The other day my neighbor shared a video with me using the message app on his phone. The video was somewhat viewable but I could tell it was highly compressed, looking blocky and distorted. What happened to his video and … Read More

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Landscape or Portrait?

When I listen to the debate whether it is better to shoot mobile video in portrait mode or landscape mode, I cringe. Creators argue for how they want to acquire and present their video and how they want it to … Read More

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Why shoot video, anyway?

We’ve been working on UptiiQ for a few months now, and finally we can start talking about it. Family and friends politely ask what I’ve been working on, and I explain that UptiiQ makes sharing video from your phone simple … Read More

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The Dirt of Mobile Time-lapse Videos

If you haven’t taken a time-lapse video from your phone you should try it. The resulting video, depending on the content you shoot, can be interesting and impressive. A time-lapse video is basically a series of photos (or frames) stitched … Read More

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Quickly Trim a Video on Your Smartphone

I never really thought about trimming a video until I wanted to post a cool shot taken while skiing and found that I left record on as I put the phone into my pocket. I ended up with a thirty-three-minute … Read More

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crowded network

Don’t Waste Time, Battery, or Data on Multiple Video Uploads

Imagine you’re at an event and you want to quickly share your awesome LeBron James shot or that jamming music clip. You want it on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, but that means you have to turn your attention away from … Read More

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6 Tips for Shooting Video on a Smartphone

In January, we posted several tips on our UptiiQ Facebook page to help people create better looking video with their smartphones. Recently, I shot some video with the LG V20 phone. I must say the camera does an amazing job … Read More

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Social media sites

Why You Should Publish Your Video Content to Top Social Sites

You’ve created a video, and you want to socialize it, but where should you post it? Which social sites will work best and result in the most likes, reactions, or retweets? Should you “cross-post” the same content to multiple sites? … Read More

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Facebook crushes video

Don’t let Facebook, YouTube and Twitter crush your video

You worked hard to hold the camera steady; maybe you even sprang for one of those cool stabilizers. You were careful with the lighting. Your video looks absolutely awesome and you can’t wait to hear the comments, but when you … Read More

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